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Susi & Strolch
Hinterbergweg 7
3052 Innermanzing
Tel. 02772/552433
Mobil: 0664/541 7674

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Susi und Strolch - Vacation with friends

Our pet hotel is located in beautiful natural surroundings not far from Vienna (close to the "Altlengbach" exit on the A1 Westautobahn). We welcome dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents and birds. The hotel is run by an experienced biologist: Birgit and her team will take care of your pet in a professional and loving way.

There is ample space for the dogs to play and run, including several large exercise areas. Well socialised dogs can be grouped together and, four times a day for 45-60 minutes, they can run together in small, harmonious groups. A skilled person is always present to look after the dogs and ensure that they are all doing fine, having fun playing with the other dogs, resting in the sun or doing whatever they like to do outside.

If you have a dog which prefers not to be with other dogs, we will keep it separate and also walk it 4 times a day, or play with your dog in our exercise areas.

No kennels - all animals have their room in the house!

Our work is based on methods of positive reinforcement in a friendly and caring environment. We respect and accommodate to the individual character and the individual needs of your pet.

Cats stay in nice, normally furnished cat rooms with an interesting view from the window and plenty of possibilities to sit and to play. A small but securely fenced aviary is attached to one of the rooms, so that cats can go outside and enjoy the atmosphere of the garden. Rabbits, rodents and birds are also kept in an environment appropriate for each species' natural behaviour. Our hotel for cats and small pets is located in Altlengbach, our dog hotel in St.Christophen.

Come by and visit - Detailed instructions and a map showing how to find us are on our homepage, please select: "Route Planner". Or just give us a call: 0664/541 7674 - English spoken !